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The Iran Baft Company has tried to be a pioneer in the upholstery and car seat fabrics right from the time it was established. The above-mentioned company established a factory in 1376 (solar year) thus, it has managed to play an important role in the Iranian market by manufacturing 300 thousand meters of fabrics in the Iranian market .
Hereby the above-mentioned commercial unit officially announce that considering the absolute preparation and the experts staff of the company, it is able to manufacture and accept orders for any type of upholstery and car seat and office chairs fabrics in an unlimited manner.
Regarding the fact that many customers have been attracted by new customer-friendly designs since the solar year 1380 and considering the ongoing escalation of contraband fabrics, the above company has managed to become one of the approved representatives of Turkey which is the prime manufacturer of the textile industry in Europe. Hence, it has been capable of meeting the needs and requirements of some portions of the market by importing upholstery and car seat fabric .
The above-mentioned company is manufacyuring approximately 150 thousand meters of fabrics annually from the Turkish companies which are considered as the second party of the contract.
The objectives of Iran Baft comppany are as follows
1- Keeping customers happy
2- The production of upholstery and car seat fabrics which match the quality of the foreign samples
3- Importing upholstery and car seat fabrics in accordance whith the global standard.



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